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How to maintain and extend the life of your geothermal heat pump system.

A geothermal heating and cooling system can require less maintenance than systems based on burning fossil fuels. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t yearly or regular maintenance opportunities. Your geothermal system will run even better and last longer with regular maintenance. There are some maintenance tasks that a home or business owner can and should complete, and there are other maintenance tasks that should be done by a professional technician. Here’s a look at how those tasks are distributed.

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What a home or business owner should do

These tasks will help the geothermal heating and cooling system work at top efficiency, and extend the life of the whole system:

  1. Clean the system. Keeping the system free of dirt and debris is a crucial step.
  2. Condensation pan. Mold can grow in a buildup of moisture in the pan that collects system condensation. Cleaning the pan with diluted bleach can help.
  3. Air Filter. While an air filter removes dust and particles out of the system,  it can cause fan motors to work harder if they are not replaced regularly.  
  4.  Programmable Thermostat. Thermostats that regulate the temperature inside the home or business are part of any efficient heating and cooling system. A system check should be carried out periodically to make sure the thermostat is communicating correctly with the geothermal system. Be sure to check the battery as well.
  5. Ducts and registers. Ductwork should be checked for leaks so they can be repaired. Registers, if blocked can keep airflow from being delivered appropriately.

What a Professional Technician should do

A professional technician is certified and insured to care for and maintain specific equipment and systems. Your geothermal system will need a professional to assess, diagnose and maintain the following items:

  1. System inspection. A technician will inspect ducts, filters, blowers and the indoor coil for correct operation and sealing. They will replace or repair items as necessary.
  2. Refrigerant. Incorrect refrigerant levels and/or refrigerant leaks can impact the performance of a cooling system. The technician will measure refrigerant levels and check for leaks.
  3. Overall operation. Through test equipment, a technician can verify that the electrical operation of the system is in proper working order.  This includes inspecting electric terminals, cleaning them if necessary, lubricating motors and inspecting belts for wear.
  4. Airflow.  Incorrect airflow can not only impact efficiency but overall satisfaction with the geothermal system. Professional technicians are able to verify the airflow system is correct, and make adjustments that can significantly improve the operation of the system if the airflow is not quite right.

With any mechanical system, there is a need for regular checks and maintenance.  Geothermal heating and cooling systems by their nature have fewer moving parts that would wear out, but they still will work more efficiently, and last longer if there is a regular maintenance schedule that includes the efforts of a professional technician.

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